We are committed to listening and working with the client to create a unique and timeless design that adds value to its surrounding and enhances the life of its owner or inhabitants.

Zetterberg Gregory Design is located in Pierce County Washington, near Seattle. We specialize in designing custom homes, small commercial jobs, additions and remodels, detached garages and cabins; basically anything that needs construction drawings. We also design interior spaces such as fireplaces, cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen layouts.

Good Design is everywhere and rarely noticeable. Great Design only comes when the designer pays attention to the little details.

When you see great design, you recognize it, and when you find a great designer like Greg, you better sign him fast or you may not get to work with him.

Dr. Michael J. Adams






We believe that…

Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of a business and life.

Relationships are the most important part of business and life, through listening and serving the client we endeavor to establish content customers.

Designing for the future is essential, by using “green design practices” we can design projects that sit lightly on the land and enhance their surrounding.

Work and design should be fun, our goal is to make the process enjoyable for all involved.

Designing homes and projects that can stand the test of time, thus “timeless”; can add value and lasting beauty to a community.